Friday, August 19, 2011

Misssplaced Nomanclature

It was the night before Independence day and all through the lounge not a bartender was stirring nor even drinking.....

The skies the end of the road.....

A rose by any other name is still, uh, what were we talking about.....

A bird in the hand is worth checking to see if your hands need washing.....

Lightning never strikes a fool more than once.....

The shortest distance between two points is even shorter if you do not try to get from one point to the other.....

Ones own perception of ones self is only exceeded by what ones credit rating really is.....

Poor Joe, he thought he was going to live a long life and look at him, dead at age 99.....

I bet my lawyer can beat up your lawyer.....

Just because things look bad today does not mean things will not look bad tomorow or the day after and even the day after that.....

I used to sleep well at night until I found out it was only a dream.....

Yes Virginia their is a Santa Anna.....and I think it is in California.....

Make hay while the sun is in the sky because when their aint no more sun in the sky theirs a lot of things you wont be doin.....

If someone tells you that you look stiff dont get in a hearse.....

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Sometimes the water is cold and sometimes it is warm.

Sometimes you can catch fish and sometimes you cannot.

Sometimes the water is real murky and sometimes it is clearer.

Sometimes it flows quickly and sometimes it is as slow as molasses.

Sometimes it beckons you to pause and watch it and sometimes it is just too busy to care if you do.

Sometimes it haunts you with its past and sometimes it gives you hope.

Isnt it like life? . . . . Sometimes.

Monday, September 7, 2009


I long for you mama. I miss you so very much.
The days are long without you.
I keep waiting for your telephone call but it does not come.
I have the beautiful memories but I long for even more.
Hardly a day goes by without someone speaking of you.
You touched many lives in such a blessed way.
You were a true friend to many.
You were a great mama to me.
I was blessed to have a mama like you.
I am what I am because of you and daddy.
I will always remember you as a nurse to the elderly and sick.
I will always remember you as honorable, kind, religious, prayfull, generous, hard working, loving, caring, and compassionate.
Everything I want to be.
I know you are with us spiritually.
I know you are praying for all.
Please send me a sign that you are with us.
I will take care of daddy and keep your home as you would like.
I will never forget the word you told me in the hospital, " Pray ".
I will try to live the life you taught me to live.
Please pray for us as we will pray for you.
I love you mama, always your little boy.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


On Tuesday, February 24 which is the last day before the Catholic Lenten season begins for the year 2009, Mardi Gras will be celebrated. Mardi Gras is French for Fat Tuesday. It is a day of merriment, and celebration before the Lenten season ( a season of pennace and fasting ) leading up to Good Friday and Easter Sunday. Many of us think of parades , floats and trinkets when it comes to Mardi Gras. However in the rural areas of Louisiana (mostly South Louisiana) the custom of Mardi Gras is enjoyed in another fashion. What is called La Courier de Mardi Gras )means the running of Fat Tuesday) men and now women take to the rural roads on horseback or wagon dressed in beautifully colored and adorned costumes with masks, going from farm house to farmhouse asking the farm owner for a chicken or some other ingredient that is used in a good ole Louisiana gumbo. The farm owner makes them earn their chicken by asking them to dance and sing. Once satisfied he then releases the chicken and the merrymakers are then in hot pursuit of the chicken for it is needed for the gumbo later that night. All the chickens obtained throughout the day are then used in the gumbo. The running starts very early in the morning and ends in the late afternoon. Therefore Mardi Gras was celebrated because it was the last day before the beginning of Lent which requires fasting and pennace. It was a last chance to celebrate before Lent began. Merci !

Friday, October 24, 2008


I see you, all of you, lined up like a military regiment waiting ever so patiently.

Your cover varies, your color varies, your shape varies, but you are what you are and may I add very patient.

Innocent enough to look at, and even attractive in your own decadent way.

Not a sound comes from you unless disturbed when then it is only sloshing or the clanging of glass from your ornamental cover.

Are you the enemy or the protector?

That is a matter of opinion.

To some who do not see clearly yet, you appear to be the one and only that rescues them from their fears.

To those of us who have "gotten it" you are the enemy, and a most deadly one at that.
Just ask our families, look at our unhealthy organs, our demolished modes of transportation, the innocent we have caused to suffer.

Yes, you are quiet, and sneaky to say the least. I give you that, and you are patient. You know how to wait and then you attack so cleverly we almost do not realize it. You use our own minds, emotions, and feelings as weapons to aid you. How clever you are.

You are always there. Even though your numbers may dwindle you are constantly replenished in our factories.

Yes, we have created you, or let me say we have perfected you. You will always be there and we have to choose, we have to either fight you or the thought of you, and what you falsely promise or we can fall from grace, fall from the wagon, and give in to what will be ultimate destruction.

Yes we are those people who cannot handle you as the average Joe can. And you know it and pray we know it to. We are different, not bad people, just different.

Your legion of troops have destroyed many of us, but many of us have survived and flourished after your attacks I for one am a survivor. I have been thought how you operate. I did not know before and suffered the scars of battle.

You will always be waiting but I now along with other millions will try to be prepared.

Monday, October 13, 2008


A warm welcome to all. Yesterday a tradition known as "La Tournoi" took place in south Louisiana. This tradition is unique and is not practiced anywhere else in our country. A gentleman named Marcellian Garrand founded our city and brought this custom with him from France. Marcellian Garrand was a general in Napoleon's army before arriving in our country.
"La Tournoi" consists of men who dress in medieval attire and they ride horses who are also adorned in medieval attire. These men compete for the tournoi championship by riding their horse at full gallop around an oval dirt track. They carry with them a lance and they attempt to spear metal rings which hang on posts located all around the track. Their are seven rings that they attempt to spear. Each ring symbolizes an enemy of the cotton crop. For instance one ring symbolizes the boll weevil and another synthetic fabric, and so on. The riders are not only competing for the most number of rings speared but they are also timed from start to finish therefore their speed is also used in determining the outcome of the competition. Each rider is given three attempts around the track in three separate rounds. Their times are calculated and they are given 10 points for each ring speared. The rider with the quickest time and most rings is the winner. Prior to beginning the competition each rider is presented a scarf by his wife who then ties it to his lance for good luck. This competition can be dangerous as the rider must race around the track, control the horse with one hand and attempt to spear the rings with the other.
I remember as a child attending this event which was held across the street from my home. It has since moved out of town so as to have a dirt track to accommodate the riders and horses.
This event is held once every year on the second Sunday of October. Laizzes Le bon temps roule', cher.

Monday, September 29, 2008


At this time of the year a certain memory always resurfaces. It never fails as the months of September and October roll around I travel back in thought to a story my grandmother (Ma Ma Hick) would always tell me during this season. That story consisted of two little girls and an old witch. You see those two little girls would play near the open fields and one of them had beautiful golden hair and the other beautiful blue eyes. Their was this old witch who passed by and cast a spell on the two little girls changing the little girl with beautiful golden hair into a flower with yellowish - golden petals. The other little girl with beautiful blue eyes was changed into a flower with blue petals. To this day one can find these two beautiful wild flowers growing usually near each other along the side of roads, fences, and fields in south Louisiana at this time of the year. It is amazing how a simple little story told by a grandmother so many years ago can remain etched in ones mind and return at the right time of the year when these two beautiful little wild flowers make their appearance. Thank You Ma Ma for passing on to me a story which I will cherish until I am gone. God bless you.